Steps of Faith

René says:

 "As I get older I look back on my life and I see where I led myself and where that got me. I can also see where I was guided, with opened and closed doors, with 'accidents' and 'coincidences' or with a kind and gentle sense of what I was supposed to do next. God has very much had a hand in bringing me to my vocations, my marriage, my steps in fatherhood and in my writing."   

"Though I was raised as a Christian I didn't think about it much. I had several experiences in life that were supernatural and proved to me that another world exists parallel to our own.  At university one of the subjects I studied was Philosophy and so I read books by thinkers like Heidegger, Sartre, Nietzsche, Plato, William James, Kafka, Camus, Freud and others. Many were atheists.  Their philosophy threw me for a loop because I had a faith - one I knew was true - but didn't know how to defend it.  

Though the candle wavered it didn't go out. I remain a believer in God and the sacrificial example of Jesus Christ ...   

I am not self-made, though in moments of weakness I may pretend to be. I am not successful on my own. I've been carried along for a purpose. My wife, my sons, my jobs and extended family... I owe them all to my loving creator.  

Does that change how I write?  Absolutely!  My writing profs told us never to preach in our stories. Nobody wants to be preached to!  But faith, beliefs, our deepest fundamentals become exposed in our daily work like flecks of gold in a rock specimen. You cannot hide who you are!"