O library teacher you want to engage 
That reluctant reader with the written page?
If you want to see reading interest heighten
There is value then in books that frighten!

Brother’s Grimm knew it; we remember each story
And it doesn’t hurt these stories were gory
In my years as a teacher I found it instructive
To illustrate history with events destructive!

So I wrote books full of stories to engage ‘em
And my guarantee is that everything’s Canajan
Each of my books, in four distinct versions
even works with kids with reading aversions

Teachers who want to promote reading skills faster
Can intro their lessons with a Canadian Disaster!
Plane crashes and fires, events recent or historical
Each short story makes you want to read ‘morical

So invite me to your school for a session or four
The stuff I will bring is never a bore…

You prefer fiction authors? I do that as well
My ORCA book called Leaving Fletchville
Was the Honour Book winner at Red Maple Awards
And it also will lead kids towards…



René Schmidt Copyright 2016