René Schmidt’s school visits are flexible and can be aligned to your curriculum, student's needs, and audience size.  

For example this is what René offered to Lambton Kingsway Junior Middle School, T. D.S.B. in November for four sessions.  

Combining the theme of Science for Science Week, René offered the following sessions as possibilities. The teachers chose #1, 2, and 4 (done twice)

   1)  MINING  Mining ghost story (a scary ghost story from working underground) followed by reading(s) from mine disaster stories such as Springhill – Disaster & Miracle Rescue along with demonstration of real mining gear, discussion on child labour laws and safety regulations.  Q. & A.  (50-65 minutes)

 2)  DISASTERS AT SEA  Reading from his ballad poem on the Great Lakes storm of 1913 (think of Edmund Fitzgerald sinking X 8 and 22 more ships wrecked) followed by reading from one of Canada’s worst sea disasters:  (Choose from Empress of Ireland (sunk in 14 minutes), RMS Titanic, Edmund Fitzgerald, USS Truxtun & Pollux wrecks in Newfoundland.)  Discussion on ship safety, authority and Law of the Sea, Racism,  Q.& A. (60 - 80 minutes)  René spent time on a lake freighter (to get the 'smell of the place') and adds this description to his presentations.  

 3)  FRANKLIN EXPEDITION  Power Point presentation on Franklin’s Lost Expedition and the most recent finds on HMS Erebus and HMS Terror. Discussion on colonialism, exploration disasters and accuracy of Inuit oral history.  Gross pictures of exhumed bodies, etc.  Q.& A. (60- 70 minutes)   René has done a lot of research on the current Franklin discoveries.  









4)  SCIENCE IGNORED  PowerPoint preview of some of Canada’s most amazing and forgotten stories with emphasis on how Science or Technology was sometimes ignored, or proved right, or furthered, because of tragic events.  Readings from Quebec Bridge Collapse, Ocean Ranger, various passenger jet crashes, Q.&A.



 5)  LEAVING FLETCHVILLE   Reading of excerpts and discussion from Leaving Fletchville, Topics of bullying, racism, fatherhood, responsibility and loyalty. Q.& A.  (60 minutes)

5a) BONUS for teachers, a possible presentation after school on Fletchville Mathematics unit,  a do-able, curriculum friendly math & cross-curriculum program for Junior / Intermediate grades. Free. (50-60 minutes)  

6) CHRISTIAN THEMES IN LITERATURE AND CINEMA.  As an faithful member of his church, Rene can do a kid-friendly presentation on often-misunderstood Christian themes in culture, literature and movies, as well as themes of morality and ethics.    

6) BONUS:  AUTHORSHIP and CREATIVE WRITING lunchtime SEMINAR for students (or staff) who are serious about pursuing a career in writing. René talks about developing good writing habits, editing your work and what Creative Writing programs can (and cannot) do for your writing.   Free with a two-or-more session booking (20-30 minutes).