René is hoping to write a new edition of Canadian Disasters for Scholastic Canada. The new book will include statistics on the current COVID19 epidemic, plus new stories about the Fort McMurray Fire, the Lytton, B.C. heat dome and fire, the Lac Megantic train derailment and fire and many other stories.  As always, students will find the stories brief and compelling and will learn much about Canada while they enjoy reading.  

Canadian Disasters 43 True Stories has sold out. It is no longer in print. You may get used copies from Amazon or other online resources.

Canadian Disasters 2013 includes some stories from previous editions plus new stories, including the Cougar Helicopter Crash in Newfoundland, the Franklin Expedition, Canada's unique fight against Polio, Canada's Deadliest Mine Disaster and the 1775 Hurricane that was estimated to have taken 4000 lives, and many more.

René Schmidt's books contain many events in Canadian history that have been forgotten or ignored by American or British publications that flood our bookstores. 

1Scholastic Canada 




Leaving Fletchville (a Red Maple Honour Book) was René's first published fiction novel and is based partly on true events. This novel is suitable for Grades 6 - 10 and portrays youthful maturity, responsibility, fatherhood and love in the face of racism and family troubles. Positive reviews in literary and review magazines in Canada and the U.S.A. recommend it for classroom use.   The CBC radio program All Points West called it "tremendous fun to read."   

Leaving Fletchville unfortunately is sold out in print from but sells as an e-book through Orca Publishers.

There are used copies available through Amazon,   


List of René's commercial trade books 

Canadian Disasters – 43 True Stories, 2013,  Scholastic Canada, ISBN 978-1-4431-2440-9
Leaving Fletchville  2008, Orca Book Publishers, ISBN978-1-55143-945-7  
Canadian Disasters, 2006, Scholastic Canada, ISBN 0-439-94936 (sold out)
DISASTER! 36 Real-Life Canadian Tragedies 1999, Scholastic Canada, ISBN 0-439-98715-6  (sold out)
Canadian Disasters, 1985, Scholastic Canada, ISBN 0-590-71525-9  (sold out) 

René's other publications 

That’s Just the Way We Were  - A History of Brighton, 2006  Contributing Author,
Canadian Living Magazine  “Less is More – A Family Holiday to Remember ”, August, 2003 
Canadian Living Magazine  “Disorganized Sports” March, 2000
Design and Technology Teachers of Ontario: A Cybernetic Land Walker Spring 2000,
Design and Technology Teachers of Ontario:  The Wind Machine Winter 2002,
Existere Magazine of York University, 1978, "My First Summer" short story, 



René belongs to a group of writers in Northumberland County, Ontario. His short stories and a poem are included in the 2017 and 2019 anthologies available from Blue Denim Press in Cobourg.