Fees for school or library visits

René lives in Trenton, Ontario and is willing to travel east to Ottawa or Kingston or west to the GTA / Golden Horseshoe area for school visits. Free travel costs within 100 km of Trenton and .30 / Km for distances farther out.  When Rene is going to be in the GTA, travel costs are reduced or eliminated for GTA schools.   

As a member of the Writer's Union of Canada, René's visits can be partly funded by the W.I.T.S. (Writers In The Schools) program in the Province of Ontario. Apply through the Writers Union of Canada website.   www.writersunion.ca  

If your school has budget limitations or is far away he will do SKYPE sessions.    


$275 for one session (50-75 minutes, any size group)

$375 for two sessions

$525 for three sessions
$750 for four sessions. 

$150 for one session (50 minutes)

$200 for two sessions
$300 for three sessions
$350 for four sessions