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After four years of being a youth centre director and a recent semester back in the classroom teaching a high school Drama class I now have an opportunity to get back to some serious writing...

and that means...  Oh yeah, got to clear some snow with my new blade on my old tractor, or oops, I haven't finished that trim in the basement...I'd better work on that...  or working on this website (did I leave a comma out?) or feeding the birds, or the cat, or looking out the window...

(Sigh...)  Just get to it!   

Currently I am reworking three manuscripts for young adult readers and one collection of short stories for adults.   

"Dan, Time-Boy", about a young man who finds a magic watch that allows him to change time. It helps him achieve many things he would never be able to do on his own. Through use of the watch he begins to understand his friend Charlie, who lives in poverty and has an autistic younger brother. The watch begins to take hold of Dan in an addictive way. Of course there are other drawbacks, dangers, adventures and regrets. I hope to have this manuscript ready to pitch to publishers soon.   

Escape The Mine is a dramatic adventure / murder mystery set in a small town and a working shaft mine. Adrian's father, a mine shift boss, disappears after going underground alone during the midnight shift when the mine is mostly empty. What Adrian doesn't know is that his dad was gathering evidence about a theft ring. When the mine management is unable to find Adrian's father, alive or dead, Adrian sneaks into the mine after midnight through a little known entryway.  Adrian's girlfriend insists on coming with him and it is a good thing she does. This manuscript is basically complete. I hope to pitch it to publishers soon. 

TOP TEN  Is a story about an undersized young man named Syd who has the gift of singing. He ends up entering a national televised singing contest.  Unfortunately, Syd's manager is not at all what he seems to be and Syd becomes a victim at the time of his greatest triumph. This is written as a high-interest low-vocabulary novel for middle school readers.  I am pitching this and also writing a musical / drama production based on the story for a touring theatrical group.   

While visiting schools I can read from these manuscripts if requested. 

For adult readers I am also working on a series of humorous short stories. Some of these stories are many years old and several have already been published in magazines or in Hill Spirit III by Blue Denim Press.  I hope to produce a book-length manuscript of these short stories but completion is still a long way off. Some of the stories are only written in my head, and that's a pretty cluttered place. 






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