How Can René Help Teachers and Teaching Parents?

René wrote his Disaster books with students and teachers in mind. Each story has a 'hook' and is brief and packed with detail. They are written so they can be read aloud. Each story can serve as an intro to a lesson in Science or History or Geography or a theme in Social Studies.  

Want to create an interest in preserving the environment?  Climate Change? Read about Arctic Disasters like the Franklin Expedition or the First Air Crash in Resolute Bay, or the many flood, tsunami or fire disasters in Canadian Disasters books.  Hurricanes and tornadoes are more commonplace with Global Warming, but Canada's history has many examples of these killers that come with little warning. The Walkerton Water tragedy is a sad note in our history of preserving a safe water supply.  

Are you studying Social Sciences?  Consider reading aloud Leaving Fletchville about youths taking on social and family responsibility, or read about the extinction of the Beothuk Natives of Newfoundland in (Canadian Disasters 1985). You can read about the effects of the Spanish 'Flu on Canada and the world, or the fight against Polio.  How were the lives of Thalidomide Poisoning victims changed by their circumstances? (Canadian Disasters 1985) What help did the government provide? 

Are you a Geography teacher?  Read how cities were re-designed for safety and efficiency after various tragic events such as the Halifax Explosion or city fires such as the Vancouver or  Quebec City Fires of 1845. Mining disasters such as Springhill Mines and Westray and Hillcrest Coal mine explosions litter our collective history with misery and a search for cleaner fuels and safer extraction methods. Is zoning a topic you might teach?  A quick read of the Frank Slide tragedy will be all your students need to hear about why you shouldn't locate a town beneath a mountain.    

Science and Technology teachers have great resources available introducing disasters as a result of engineering failures such as the Second Narrows Bridge collapse in Vancouver, or the Pont du Quebec / Quebec Bridge disasters.  Ships and vessels sinking and numerous aircraft crashes can be attributed to failures of design or human errors in Swissair Flight 111, The Ocean Ranger drilling rig disaster, The Empress of Ireland and many more. 


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