Though he lived many years in Toronto, René enjoys small town living in Eastern Ontario. He is active with Youth Unlimited and The Beacon Youth Centre in Brighton, Ontario, where he served four years as the director and now continues as a volunteer. The Beacon is a 'safe haven' that welcomes all students from local schools for lunch and evenings.  









September came with renovations nearly complete at The Beacon. 








A typical lunchtime. No put downs or bullying is allowed there.  


René used to dream about building his own house and sometimes dreams come true!  He and Shirley built their snug little home a few years ago. 






 The 12" thick walls are I.C.F. (foam blocks that stack like LEGO) with solid concrete and rebar inside. It is strong like an old Quebec farmhouse. Rene says, "Unlike our earthly lives, our writing, our memories, that only last a while... maybe in a few hundred years this house will (God willing) still be here and be useful to somebody." 

René works on the front wall in 2011.  Didn't get much writing done that year! 











The big backyard provides firewood and a great view.


Eldest son Adrian created a beautiful arched wall and René did the trim. (See 'Adrian's Walls') at


Last year's project was a 'faux woodpile" dividing wall and pine beams in the basement.